Artificial Intelligence & Operations Innovation Team:


Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence & Operations Innovation Team

The group is active at the ESA European Space Operation Centre (ESA-ESOC) since 2001 to facilitate the infusion of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology in support of current and future space missions, at ESA and collaborating with European AI research institutes, industry and national agencies.

The team provides consultancy on how Artificial Intelligence can support processes and missions,contributing to the dissemination of Artificial Intelligence culture and technology across ESA.

Our team comprises of experienced researchers and engineers that achieved international recognition in Artificial Intelligence applied to space operations.

Innovating space operations processes

What we do

The team is committed to innovate space operations processes using AI. The goal is to support flexible and cost effective operations for ESA space missions and to enable higher degrees of autonomy in future missions.

The mission is implemented carrying active research and working on projects. The output of a project includes documentation, architecture, software prototype and an operational assessment. In specific cases it can be a stand-alone product. Results are often published on international, top level conferences. Consolidated applications are then inherited in the ESA infrastructure asset.

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Our Expertise in AI

Work with us

The team is committed to innovate space operations processes using AI

Our team comprises of staff, research, fellow(s), PhD students, young graduate trainee(s), student trainees and on-site and off-site contractors. Part of the team sees a high turn-over, with a typical duration of between one and two years. If you are interested in the work of the Artificial Intelligence, if you have ideas to share, proposals or questions − or if your organization is interested in our projects, please contact us!

Alessandro Donati

  • Artificial Intelligence and Operations Innovation Manager
  • Advances Concepts and Management Support Office
  • Mission Operations Department
  • Directorate of Operations

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