Who we are:

Our Strategy


In 2018, we developed the ESOC 2025 strategy and our related vision:

A world-class operations centre, manager of space safety, driver for innovation and enabler of industry.

With this vision, the Centre has had great achievements at the Space 19+ Ministerial. However, constant strategic evolution is essential to remain relevant and at the forefront also in future.

The ESOC 2025+ strategy aims at fostering our excellence while at the same time evolving towards 2030. For this purpose, the MT has continued the journey in close co- operation with the ESOC community and performed an analysis of current and future trends, opportunities and threats leading to the core assumptions at the foundation of our strategy. Our vision ‘ESOC 2025’ was confirmed to be still valid – more than ever. Four dimensions have been identified as crucial towards our ambitions for 2030. These have been analysed regarding their current status, and new goals for 2030 have been defined. In order to achieve these goals, five strategic initiatives have been developed as well as expected key results and related cultural values. One of our key elements of ESOC 2025+ is the adoption of innovation as an organic part of our daily business.

» Let’s innovate our future! «

Dr. Rolf Densing, Director of Operations

Mission statement

To deliver high-value services to our customers and stakeholders covering a wide spectrum of missions

To drive technology, innovation and standardisation in operations

To develop measures to protect our planet, human kind and critical space and ground assets from hazards originating in space

Quality policy

To satisfy the requirements of Programmes and Activities entrusted to ESA to the full satisfaction of customers and users

To achieve ESA’s strategic, performance and regulatory compliance objectives

To encourage participation and promote the responsibility for quality of all staff through trainings, supervision and effective communication

To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Agency’s organisation and processes through the review of quality objectives and results

Five Strategic Initiatives 2023

Operational objectives: Sustain excellence in current activities & support further improvement and development.

Helps bring innovation to the next level: support disruptive innovation and entering new fields.

Helps sustainand further develop S2P competence in OPS.

Supports synergies and efficiency: Contributes to free-up resources for innovation.

Fosters our target culture in line with the ESA values as the basis of our strategy.

     ESOC 2025 strategic vision is more valid than ever