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ESOC-1 is one of SMILE's antennas

It is located in esoc and usage can be requested by ESA member state business, university, institute or organisation to explore methods of operating their small satellites, ground stations or other related activity.

The antenna is a 3.7m dish supporting commercial S-Band up- and down-link and X-Band down-link. It is located at esoc premises. It is free to use and included in the SMILE structure and within that each interface can be accessed for validating new concepts of operation.

The antenna has a scheduling interface, allowing for fully automatic, unmanned operation which is used to support esoc’s own cubesat, OPS-SAT, since its launched in December 2019.

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Parameter Specification
Diameter3.7 m
VMs on SMILELANProject specific VMs on SMILELAN
Frequency rangeS-Band TX: 2020-2120 MHz
S-Band RX: 2200-2300 MHz
X-Band RX: 7900-8400 MHz
Intermediate frequencyS-Band TX: 230 MHz
S-Band RX: 70 MHz
X-Band RX: 720 MHz
Maximum EIRP86.5 dBm
Figure of merit (G/T)S-Band: 12.8 dB/K
X-Band: 25.4 dB/K
3 dB beam widthS-Band: 2°
X-Band: 0.5°
3 Axis movementAzimuth: 360° continuous
Elevation: 5-110° Tilt: ±25°
Operating temperature-20 to +55 °C
Maximum wind speed (radome covered)185 km/h
Max Velocity10°/s
Max Acceleration5°/s2
Weight (including radome)1100 kg
Radome SizeBase Diameter: 3 m
Height: 4.3 m

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