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SMILE Radio Amateur Antenna

ESOC-2 is one of SMILE’s antennas. It is a radio amateur antenna supporting UHF. It is located at ESOC and usage can be requested by ESA member state business, university, institute or organisation to explore methods of operating their small satellites, ground stations or other related activity.

ESOC-2 is a dual cross-Yagi antenna for the 70 cm amateur radio UHF frequency band, capable of tracking satellites in LEO.

It is located on the ESOC premises on a rooftop with good visibility in any direction. It is free to use and included in the SMILE structure and within that each interface can be accessed for validating new concepts of operation.



Parameter Specification
Frequency range [MHz]432-438 MHz
PolarizationRHCP/LHCP (switchable)
Antenna Gain [dBi]14 @ 435 MHz
Figure of merit (G/T)[dB/K] at 5 degree-11 (in controlled environment)
3 dB beam width40 degree
EIRP at 435 MHz [dBW]34
Azimuth Max. speed20 degree/s
Elevation Max Speed20 degree/s
Rotation RangesAzimuth: 0 degree-540 degree
Elevation: 0 degree-90 degree
Tracking modeClosed loop program tracking
Total weight355 kg

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