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SMILE Radio Amateur Antenna

The Reindeer antenna is currently under development. It will be installed in the ESA Kiruna station (Sweden), allowing to increase the support for polar orbiting missions in UHF and S-band.

Unlike ESOC-2, this antenna will support both the amateur UHF band (435-438 MHz) and the commercial UHF band (399-405 MHz).



Parameter Specification
Frequency rangeUHF1: 399-405 MHz UHF2: 435-438 MHz
S-band RX: 2200-2300 MHz
PolarizationRHCP/LHCP (switchable)
Antenna Gain @ 435 MHzUHF: 14 dBi S-band: 34.9 dBi
Figure of merit (G/T)UHF1: -11 dB/K UHF2: -11.5 dB/K
S-band: 10.9 dB/K
3 dB beam widthUHF1: 27° UHF2: 28° S-band RX: 3°
EIRP @ 435 MHzUHF: 34 dBW
Azimuth Max. speed20°/s
Elevation Max Speed2°/s
Keyhole for spacecraft in 400 km altitude
Rotation Ranges)Azimuth: 0-540°
Elevation: 0-90°
Tracking modeClosed loop program tracking

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