Join us for the second Space Safety Industry Day on 15 March 2022

ESA cordially invites Delegates, Industry, Academia and Institutions to the second industry day on Space Safety.

The online event will take place on 15 March 2022. Register here.

ESA's Space Safety Programme contributes to the protection of our planet, humanity and assets in space and on Earth from hazards originating in Space and contributes to Europe by providing safety from such hazards as a service to its society. 

The three years since the creation of the new Programme have demonstrated our increasing dependency on functioning space assets. A number of major space events have occurred, including the start of a new solar cycle, which underline the necessity to deliver robust space safety services. 

Today, the Programme's three Cornerstone missions, Vigil, Hera and ClearSpace-1, are in active development.

The Space Safety Programme is now preparing its second period, which will concentrate on the continued development of the Cornerstone missions and feature a number of high-profile opportunities for the European space industry.

The Programme will also expand in the area of small missions for Space Weather, Planetary DefenceSpace Debris & Clean Space applications and ambitious developments on ground. An In-Orbit Servicing Mission is also under preparation.

These activities offer interesting opportunities for industrial leadership on prime, component and subcomponent level, as well as for the academic sector.

In recent years, it has also become apparent that services, sensors and downstream products in the Space Safety domain have significant commercial potential.

The Programme will support these developments in Europe via a dedicated "competitive element", through which private business initiatives can be matured, de-risked, or supported by ESA as an anchor tenant.

ESA is looking forward to receiving feedback on the newly introduced "competitive element" and is prepared to collect additional ideas.

The Industry Day will introduce the existing and new areas of the Programme and offer opportunities for detailed Q&A and dedicated B2B meetings. 

We look forward to seeing you on 15 March.